Quick Guides

Year Title Authors
2020 Incorporating Resilience in National Forest Planning and Management James Chapin and Jesse Abrams
2020 Quick Guide for Social and Economic Monitoring of the Tongass National Forest and Southeast Alaska Communities Heidi Huber-Stearns, Anna Santo, and Erin Steinkruger
2015 Innovative Contracting: A Guide for Collaborative Groups and Community Partners Cassandra Moseley, Emily Jane Davis, and R. Patrick Bixler
2015 Assessing, Planning, and Monitoring to Increase Local Economic Opportunities From Restoration Cassandra Moseley, Autumn Ellison, and Emily Jane Davis
2012 Quick Guide for Incorporating Collaboration into the Watershed Condition Framework Cassandra Moseley, Michelle Medley-Daniel, and Emily Jane Davis
2012 Quick Guide for Creating High-Quality Jobs Through Restoration on National Forests Cassandra Moseley, Emily Jane Davis, and Michelle Medley-Daniel
2011 Quick Guide to Monitoring Economic Impacts of Ecosystem Restoration and Stewardship Shiloh Sundstrom, Cassandra Moseley, Max Nielsen-Pincus, and Emily Jane Davis
2007 Quick Guide to Conducting an Ecosystem Workforce Assessment Cassandra Moseley
2007 Quick Guide for Planning a Quality Jobs Program Cassandra Moseley