Forest Service and Communities

About the Project

This is a joint project between the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region and the University of Oregon Ecosystem Workforce Program. This project aims to help the Forest Service and its partners better understand and communicate the social and economic contexts in which the Forest Service operates and document Forest Service impacts in advancing sustainable natural resources-based economies. We designed this project as a collaborative learning process in which we would experiment with new ways to use, integrate, and represent data, especially Forest Service data, to understand potential applications of data already being collected and recorded as well as identify data gaps and strategize how to fill them. This book documents the first year of experimental work and reflects the questions asked, data used to answer the questions, interpretation of the resulting data, and key insights from the learning process.

The Forest Service and Communities: The Relationships Between Land and People in the Pacific Northwest Region

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Cover and Introduction

Chapter 1: Pacific Northwest Region Overview

Chapter 2: Regional Social Conditions

Chapter 3: Partners—broken into 2 sections:

     3.1 Contractors, Grants and Agreements Partners

     3.2 Collaborative, Volunteer, Conservation and Education Partners

Chapter 4: Integrated Restoration

Conclusion and Data Appendix