Scientific Manuscripts and Other Publications

Scientific Manuscripts:

Year Manuscript


Heidi Huber-Stearns, Cassandra Moseley, Christopher Bone, Nathan Mosurinjohn, Katie M Lyon, An Initial Look at Contracted Wildfire Response Capacity in the American West, Journal of Forestry, Volume 117, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 1–8,


Max Nielsen-Pincus, Cody Evers, Cassandra Moseley, Heidi Huber-Stearns, R Patrick Bixler, Local Capacity to Engage in Federal Wildfire Suppression Efforts: An Explanation of Variability in Local Capture of Suppression Contracts, Forest Science, Volume 64, Issue 5, October 2018, 480–490,


Lyon Katie M., Huber-Stearns Heidi R., Moseley Cassandra, Bone Christopher, Mosurinjohn Nathan A. (2017) Sharing contracted resources for fire suppression: engine dispatch in the Northwestern United States. International Journal of Wildland Fire 26, 113-121.

Other Publications:

Year Title Authors
2014 Beer, Beef, and Boards: The Role of Intermediaries in Payment for Ecosystem Services Arrangements in Northwestern Montana. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.  Davis, Emily Jane, Laurn Gwin, Cassandra Moseley, Hannah Gosnell, and Harmony Burright
2014 Rural geography – rural development: An examination of agriculture, policy and planning, and community in rural areas. Journal of Rural and Community Development 8(3): i-v. Ramsey, Doug, Jesse Abrams, Jill Clark, and Nick Evans
2014 The Community Economic Impacts of Large Wildfires: A Case Study from Trinity County, CA. Society and Natural Resources, 0: 1-11. Davis, Emily Jane, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Cassandra Moseley, and Pamala Jakes
2014 Reflexive gentrification of working lands in the American West: Contesting the ‘middle landscape.’ Journal of Rural and Community Development 8(3): 144-158 Abrams, Jesse, John Bliss, and Hannah Gosnell
2014 Comparing Conditions of Labor-Intensive Forestry and Fire Suppression Workers. Society and Natural Resources, 27(5):540-556 Moseley, Cassandra, Gerardo Sandoval, and Emily Jane Davis
2014 Understanding Micro-Processes of Institutionalization: Stewardship Contracting and National Forest Management. Policy Sciences, 47(1):69-98. Moseley, Cassandra and Susan Charnley
2014 Job Growth and Loss Across Sectors and Time in the Western US: the Impact of Large Wildfires. Forest Policy and Economics, 38:199-206. Nielsen-Pincus, Max, Cassandra Moseley, Krista Gebert
2013 The Economic Impacts of Large Wildfires, Feature in January 2013 Rural Connections magazine (10mb) Autumn Ellison, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Emily Jane Davis, Cody Evers, and Cassandra Moseley
2013 Amenity landownership, land use change and the re-creation of “working landscapes.” Society and Natural Resources 26(7): 845-859 Abrams, Jesse, and John Bliss
2013 "Regional Bioenergy Policy Effectiveness: Compatibility, Innovation, and Coordination Across the Forest Supply Chain." In, Proceedings of the Seventh National New Crops Symposium: Bioenergy, Biomaterials, and Sustainability, Washington DC. October 13 -16, 2013. Becker, Dennis R., Cassandra Moseley, Timothy Smith
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2013 The Influence of Proximity to Sawmills and Biomass Facilities on National Forest Hazardous Fuels Treatments. Forest Science, 59(5): 566-577. Nielsen-Pincus, Max, Susan Charnley, and Cassandra Moseley
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2013 The Ecological Restoration Sector: Analysis of the Economic Impacts of a Sustained Program of Forest and Watershed Restoration. Restoration Ecology, 21(2):207-214. Nielsen-Pincus, Max and Cassandra Moseley
2012 Economic Development and Sustainable Forest Stewardship in the Dry Forest Zone: a Mid-Term Report

Emily Jane Davis

2012 Woody Biomass Utilization Trends, Barriers, and Strategies: Perspectives of US Forest Service Managers. Journal of Forestry, 110(1):16-24. Sundstrom, Shiloh, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Cassandra Moseley, and Sarah McCaffery
2011 A Socioeconomic Assessment of Forest Service American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Projects: Eight Case Studies Susan Charnley, Pamela Jakes, and John Schelhas (Emily Jane Davis and Cassandra Moseley as chapter co-authors).
2011 Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration: Integrating Science, Nature, and Culture. Island Press: Washington, D.C. Egan, Dave, Evan Hjerpe, and Jesse Abrams (eds.)
2011 Large Scale Natural Resource Collaborations: Lessons and Challenges from Australia and the United States. Society and Natural Resources, 24(8):849-859. Robertson, Catherine, Richard Margerum, Tomas M. Koontz, Cassandra Moseley, and Sue Lurie
2011 Foresters' Perceptions of Family Forest Owner Willingness to Participate in Forest Carbon Sequestration Markets. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, 28(4): 199-203. Wade, David and Cassandra Moseley
2011 Conventional Wisdoms of Woody Biomass Utilization Dennis R. Becker, Dalia Abbas, Kathleen E. Halvorsen, Pamela J. Jakes, Sarah McCaffrey, Cassandra Moseley

The Limited Involvement of Socially Vulnerable Populations in Federal Programs to Mitigate Wildfire Risk in Arizona. Natural Hazards Review, 12(1):28-36.

Ojerio, Ryan S., Cassandra Moseley, Kathy Lynn, and Neil Bania

2010 The Social Geography of Southern Wyoming: Important Places, Development, and Natural Resource Management Amy Pocewicz, Russell Schnitzer, and Max Nielsen-Pincus
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2010 A Supply Chain Analysis Framework for Assessing State-Level Woody Biomass Utilization Policies in the United StatesBiomass and Bioenergy, 35 (4):1429-1439. Becker, Dennis, Cassandra Moseley, and Christine Lee
2010 The State of the Dry Forest Zone and its Communities Emily Jane Davis, Cassandra Moseley, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Jesse Abrams, Cullen Brady, Nils Christofferson, Chad Davis, Maia Enzer, Josef Gordon, Nick Goulette, Lynn Jungwirth, Jim Jungwirth, Marcus Kauffman, Tyler McCarthy, Patrick Shannon, and Shiloh Sundstrom
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