Fact Sheets

  # Year Title
  24 2020 Considerations for Working with Social Science and Scientists in a Collaborative Setting
  23 2020 Collaborative Processes and Connections to Community Wellbeing
  22 2020 Federal Forest Restoration Program Use of the Good Neighbor Authority: FY 2016–2020 Activities and Outcomes
  21 2020 Factors Influencing National Forests' Use of Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Findings from a Pilot Study
  20 2020 Oregon's Federal Forest Restoration Program: FY 2017–2019 Accomplishments
  19 2019 Collaborative Capacity and Outcomes from Oregon's Federal Forest Restoration Program
  18 2019 Iconic Places of the U.S. Forest Service: Mt. Pleasant National Scenic Area
  17 2019 Iconic Places of the U.S. Forest Service: Browns Canyon National Monument
  16 2019 Federal Forest Restoration Program Use of the Good Neighbor Authority: 2016–2018 activities and outcomes
  15 2019 Oregon's Federal Forest Restoration Program: FY 2014–2019 Cumulative Accomplishments 
  14 2018 Iconic Places of the U.S. Forest Service: The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
  13 2018 Economic Activity from the Malheur 10-year Stewardship Contract: 2015–2017
  12 2017 Oregon's Federal Forest Restoration Program
  11 2016 Advancing Rural Conservation-Based Economic Development: Framing Our Community in Elk City, ID
  10 2015 Application of the Forest Restoration and Utilization Calculator
  9 2015 Collaboration and Stewardship Authority: Ashland Forest Resiliency Project
  8 2015 Collaboration and the Malheur Ten-Year Stewardship Contract
  7 2015 Collaborative Capacity for Accelerated Restoration
  6 2015 Eastern Oregon Restoration Benefits Businesses Statewide: Distribution of Timber Buyers and Service Contractors
  5 2015 Economic Impacts from the Malheur 10-Year Stewardship Contract: Evaluating Year One
  4 2015 Economic Impacts from Blue Mountains National Forests Restoration: Tracking Investments in Eastern Oregon
  3 2014 Wildfire Spurs Disaster Response Reorganization: The 2012 Charlotte Fire Near Pocatello, Idaho
  2 2014 Prior Collaboration Improves Wildfire Response and Recovery: The 2011 Track Fire in Raton, New Mexico
  1 2014 Homeowners Associations as Promising Structures for Wildfire Risk Reduction: The Hawkins and Caughlin Fires in Caughlin Ranch, Nevada


Our PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) fact sheets show innovative ways that people are using PES programs in the Interior Northwest. For more information about the project and results, visit the project webpage.

Year Series and Number Title
2013 PES Fact Sheet #1 Prospering from Nature: Helping Landowners Protect and Enhance Ecosystem Services
2013 PES Fact Sheet #2 Coordinated Salmon Habitat Restoration on Private Lands
2013 PES Fact Sheet #3 Paying the Water Bill: Community Support for Agriculture and River Restoration in Central Oregon
2013 PES Fact Sheet #4 Certification Rewards Stewardship and Assures Future Markets for Montana Timber
2013 PES Fact Sheet #5 Oregon Ranch Combines Programs for Long-term Sustainability
2013 PES Fact Sheet #6 Enhancing the Effectiveness of Conservation Easements Through Trust Building, Partner Coordination, and Coordination
2013 PES Fact Sheet #7 Beer, Fish, and Water Restoration Certificates: A New Way to Restore Rivers in Montana
2013 PES Fact Sheet #8 Bad Goat, Good Business: Byproducts Bring Big Gains for Watershed Restoration
2013 PES Fact Sheet #9 Farm Bill Evolution to Increase Landowner and Ecosystem Service Benefits
2013 PES Fact Sheet #10 Ecosystem Services Online: An Overview of Web Based Resources
2013 PES Fact Sheet #11 Matchmakers, Evaluators, Libraries, and Networks: Online Resources for Landowners and Practitioners
2013 Additional Resources Catalog of Online Tools and Resources