A Guidebook for Multiparty Monitoring for Sustainable Natural Resource Management

This guidebook is designed to help communities and their agency partners monitor activities related to ecosystem management and community-based forestry, especially the National Fire Plan. This guidebook offers suggestions about how to develop a multiparty monitoring program for:

  • Employment results (quality jobs) of restoration and maintenance of public lands
  • Utilization of by-products of ecosystem management
  • Grants and other investments
  • Ecological efforts

It provides examples of the types of questions a multiparty team may wish to ask when monitoring and how to go about answering them. The guide offers examples so that you can develop measures that respond to the needs, problems, and controversies in your area. Using the links below, you can download the portions of the guidebook that fit your needs. The guidebook contains monitoring modules focused on a particular subject area. You can also download matrices that offer suggested measures for each module and worksheets that can be adapted to your data collection plans.


The Guidebook

You can download the entire guidebook as a single PDF file or you can download the portions that you need in smaller files.

Entire Monitoring Guidebook (pdf, 2.9 mb)
Introduction and Monitoring Basics (pdf, 140 kb)


1 Employment Results - Procurement Contracting (pdf, 40 kb)
2 Employment Results - Government Hiring (pdf, 16 kb)
3 By-product Utilization (pdf, 28 kb)
4 Grants and Other Investments (pdf, 36 kb)
5 Ecological Effects (pdf, 24 kb)
  Abbreviations and Glossary (pdf, 10 kb)


Tables of Suggested Measures
These tables offer suggestions to help you develop your own indicators to measure.

Employment Results - Procurement Contracting (pdf, 16 kb)
Employment Results - Government Hiring (pdf, 16 kb)
By-product utilization (pdf, 8 kb)
Grants and other investments (pdf, 8 kb)
Ecological Effects (pdf, 8 kb)


These worksheets can be downloaded and modified as you develop your plans for collecting data.

1 Questions for developing a monitoring program (doc, 23 kb)
2 Sample contractor survey (doc, 27 kb)
3 Sample worker survey (doc, 23 kb)
4 Sample survey of raw material purchasers (doc 22 kb)
5 Sample survey of woods products businesses (doc, 27 kb)
6 Sample survey of grants and agreements recipients (doc, 27 kb)


The appendices offer additional reference items to help you implement your monitoring program.

1 Defining Local (pdf, 1 kb)
2 Additional resources for procurement contracting monitoring (pdf, 1.6 mb)
3 Additional resources for by-product utilization monitoringy (pdf, 9 kb)
4 Community-based monitoring resources (pdf, 14 kb)
5 Proposed wildland fire performance measures (pdf, 1.1 mb)