Ecosystem Workforce Training Curricula

Ecosystem Workforce Program's Curriculum

The goal of this curriculum is to create an educational resource that is practical, flexible, and helpful to hard-working, dedicated, lifelong learners in the forest/ecosystem management industry. We recognize that while forest workers have lots of skills to share, they must also be continually updating and diversifying their skills to be competitive and competent in this evolving industry. As such, we have created a curriculum that has three core topic areas:

• Science for Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement
• Technical and Safety Knowledge for Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement
• Business Development and Management for Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement.

1997 Ecosystem Workforce Project Curriculum  (pdf, 12.25 mb)

En Espanol:  El Proyecto de Fuerza de Trabajo del Ecosistema de 1996: Programa de Estudio  (pdf, 7.5 mb)

Watershed Research and Training Center's Curriculum

These documents were created in 1995 and 1996 by the WRTC as part of a curriculum for ecosystem management technicians and an introduction to ecosystem management.

Part 1 (pdf, 516 kb)
  • Ecosystem Management Technician course syllabus (May- November 1995)
Part 2 (pdf, 6.6 mb)
  • Shasta College Agricultural and Natural Resource Division's Introduction to Ecology and Ecosystem Management Course curriculum. Includes lecture notes, diagrams, and class handouts.
Part 3 (pdf, 132 kb)
  • Competencies evaluation form for ecosystem management technicians following completion of the ecosystem management course.

Rogue Institute's Guilde for Building a Workforce Training Program

Created in 1996 by the Rogue Institute for Ecology & Economy, this document provides tools and tips for creating an ecosystem/restoration workforce training program.

Part 1 (pdf, 3.8 mb)
  • Overview and strategy for developing an ecosystem/restoration workforce training program
  • Forming the workforce training partnership
  • Agreements and memorandums
  • Education and project work
Part 2 (pdf, 4.2 mb)
  • Appendices A - C
Part 3 (pdf, 3.5 mb)
  • Appendices D - H
Part 4 (pdf, 2.6 mb)
  • Appendices J - R
Part 5 (pdf, 2.5 mb)
  • Appendices S - X

Other Documents