Quality Jobs - Workforce Assessment & Action Planning

Quality Jobs

Assessing the state of your contracting opportunities, contractors, and workers is a key first step in any effort to build quality jobs in ecosystem management.

The resources below offer some tools for undertaking a workforce assessment, and using that assessment to create an action plan. One quick guide offers simple instructions for undertaking an assessment. The second offers suggestions for creating an action plan. In addition, we offer several links to actual workforces assessments and sample surveys that can be adapted to local circumstances.

Quick Guide to Conducting an Ecosystem Workforce Assessment (pdf, 92 kb)
An ecosystem workforce assessment collects information about the state of the industry in a particular locale. It generally includes information about the type and amount of work undertaken in a particular area, the businesses contracted to perform that work, and workers hired to do the work.

Quick Guide for Planning a Quality Jobs Program (pdf, 136 kb)
This document aims to help collaborative groups and their agency partners develop and implement strategies to improve the quality and quantity of the local economic opportunities that are being created through private and public land restoration. This guide is a companion to A Quick Guide to Conducting an Ecosystem Workforce Assessment.

Examples of Workforce Assessments

Examples of Quality Job Action Plans

Sample Contractor Surveys