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EWP Working Papers
These papers provide in depth analysis and original research on issues of both environmental and economic importance with a focus on rural communities. Topics include social perspectives on woody biomass utilization, how forest management projects impact local communities, analysis of how environmental restoration and economic development fit together, and many more.

EWP Briefing Papers
This set of papers provides shorter, more concise versions of many of the same topics covered in the working papers. Research is boiled down to its key findings and critical conclusions.

EWP Quick Guides
Quick guides are tools to help practitioners, agencies, businesses, and others create economic benefit from land management. They provide straightforward instructions for assessing workforce capacity, monitoring economic impacts, and more.

EWP Fact Sheets
Our fact sheets explore project themes and concepts by describing innovative examples, case studies, and outcomes from a variety of natural resource based economic development, collaboration, and community resilience projects, among others.

EWP Infographics
These graphics illustrate institutional trends, economic impacts and distributions, land management methods, and data analysis outcomes from projects through maps, charts, timelines, diagrams, and other visual approaches.

Journal Articles and Other Publications by EWP Staff
Originally published in a variety of locations, these documents highlight other projects and publications EWP staff members have worked on, including peer-reviewed journal articles. They address issues including job quality, forest restoration and management, forest fires, and many more.

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