After assessing, planning, and calculating, it is time to actand put that information to use. In the resources provided on this page, we highlight innovative contracting mechanisms, such as stewardship contracting, currently being used to implement restoration strategies.

Key Publications:

  Featured Quick Guide
  Featured Working Paper

Other EWP Publications:

Quick Guide for Creating High-Quality Jobs Through Restoration on National Forests
This Quick Guide outlines 8 strategies for creating a high-quality jobs program and highlights 3 cases.

A Survey of Innovative Contracting for Quality Jobs and Ecosystem Management (pdf, 268 kb) This document defines recent Forest Service contracting innovations, offers nine case profiles, and discusses opportunities and barriers for contracting innovation for Quality Jobs and Ecosystem Management.


Other resources:

Forest Service Contracting: A Basic Guide for Restoration Practitioner (pdf, 2 mb)

External resources on stewardship contracting

USDA Forest Service: Stewardship End Result Contracting

Best Value & Stewardship Contracting Guide Book (pdf, 784 kb)

Pinchot Institute: Stewardship Contracting on Federal Public Lands

Red Lodge Clearinghouse: Stewardship Contracting

Forest and Rangelands: Stewardship Contracting

USDA Forest Service: Stewship Contracting, Region 6

Stewardship Contracting in the Siuslaw Basin, Oregon