Assess and Plan

Community-Based Monitoring and Assessment

Assessing the state of your contracting opportunities, contractors, and workers is a key first step in any effort to build a local restoration economy. The resources below offer some tools for undertaking a restoration industry assessment, and using that assessment to create an action plan. In addition, we offer several links to example restoration industry assessments and sample surveys that can be adapted to local circumstances.

What is a restoration industry asssessment? 
An restoration industry assessment collects information about the state of the industry in a particular locale. It generally includes information about the types and amount of work undertaken in a particular area, the businesses contracted to perform that work, and workers hired to do the work. This is also commonly referred to as an "ecosystem workforce assessment".


What is an action plan?
An action plan provides uses what is learned through the workforce assessment and develops strategies to improve local economic opportunities in restoration. It also should identify organizations and individuals who will implement particular strategies and then devise a rough timeline for implementation.


Key Publications:

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  Featured Working Papers

Forest and Watershed Restoration in Linn County, Oregon: Economic Impacts, Trends, and Recommendations

The Economic Impacts of Oregon's South Coast Restoration Industry


Other EWP Publications:

A Quick Guide for Planning a Quality Jobs Program

Quick Guide for Incorporating Collaboration into the Watershed Condition Framework

This guide provides focused tips and strategies for increasing collaboration among national forests and partners at each phase of planning and implementation in the Watershed Condition Framework.

Example Restoration Industry Assessment and Action Plan

Forest and Watershed Restoration and Maintenance Opportunities and Capacity in the Siuslaw Basin, Oregon

Siuslaw Basin Restoration Jobs, Action Plan


Other resources:

External Examples of Restoration Industry Assessments

Swan Valley Workforce Assessment (pdf, 1mb)

An Analysis of Local Contractor Interest and Capability in Stewardship Contracting in Lemhi County, Idaho (pdf, 84 kb)

An Analysis of Forest Service and BLM Contracting in Lake County, Oregon (pdf, 388 kb)

Grande Ronde Model Watershed Program Economic Assessment (pdf, 36 kb)


Sample Contractor Surveys These sample surveys can be used to help you conduct part of your restoration industry assessment.

Josephine County Workforce Assessment Interview Script (pdf, 196 kb)

Lake Country Workforce Survey (pdf, 36 kb)

Trinity County Contracting Capacity Survey (doc, 524 kb)

Lemhi County Local Contractor Interest and Capability in Stewardship Contracting Survey(doc, 168 kb)